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Thursday 11 August, 2011

Why choose Norton 360 5.0?

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You must be very puzzled when plan to buy an antivirus software to protect your computers, because there are so many choices in front of you, and they just jostle for attention. Today, I will recommand you Norton 360 5.0.
Maybe youíve heard its name before, but you just know not too much about it, so I will introduce it to you in details below before you decide to order Norton 360 5.0. First, letís seee its product description. Norton 360 5.0 provides comprehensive, easily used protection that can defends against almost any threat. It's the fastest, lightest 2 all-in-one security solution in this field. Norton 360's PC Tuneup boosts overall performance and makes sure your computer running at its best. Automatic online or local backup helps keep your essential documents and photos safe from lossing and stealing. Moreover, our exclusive Insight technology can 100% block viruses and our Social Media Scanner warns you of dangerous websites and Facebook posts so you can share links with your netfriends without worrying about passing on or receiving threats. Meanwhile, prevent online criminals from stealing your identity and money online. Then Iíve listed its following production features for your reference.
Product Features

  • Norton 360 Version 5.0 make sure your computersí safety with comprehensive, easily used protection and prevent from almost any threat that comes your way
  • Make sure your computer running its best and stop your photos, music, and other essential documents from loss
  • Stop online criminals from stealing your identity information and money when you surfing, shopping, socializing, and doing bank business online
  • Protection from threats, online criminal attacks, and online scams when Email, chat, or download files.
  • Guarantee your kids safe when they go online with the help of parental controls management

If you still canít make a decision, we can provide you a free trial Norton 360 5.0 for 90 days, you can try first, and I believe you will not hesitate to buy our cheap Norton 360 5.0 any more after that.

Collections of reviews on Norton 360 5.0 from our customers

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In order to provide something more comprehensive and objective about Norton 360 5.0, Iíve collected some views from our users, and I think it will be useful for you to know this product clearly.
Functionally, Norton 360 v5 is very similar to v4 with a few additions:
- improved SONAR protection (blocked up to 100% of virus/cyber threats in Dennis Technology test)
- updated Download Insight for even more powerful protection / scanning of downloaded documents
- refined user interface (Roxanne Gregory)

From an effectiveness and performance view, I don't think you can get better than Norton 360 v5. It scans transparently and comprehensively in the background, with notice updates that show from the taskbar, without obstructing your work. Unlike other anti-virus software I'd used in the past, I didn't notice any obvious impact on my work when it's installed and running. All seems to be ok. Moreover, when you download a file, the new Insight product will not only scan, but also will let you know how many others have used the same file safely. That is to say, it gives you a good level of confidence. (Olla Carter)

Just like the prior version, Norton 360 v5 installs very easily, keeps out of the way for most operations, and hasn't caused any incompatibility problems for me on two different computers, including a MacBook Pro running Apple's BootCamp and Windows 7. As to the price, you get a good value with an extensive set of capabilities including AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, basic Identity Protection, Internet Explorer Password Vault, PC Tuneup and Registry Cleaner, and Backup. Norton 360 5.0 3 PC 2 Year is a particularly good value if you compare it against at the single-computer price. Very Cheap Norton 360 5.0 (MUNIR ELHAG)

If you need to purchase Norton 360 5.0, you can come to www.teezsoft.com to buy, both Norton 360 Version 5.0 All-In-One Total Security 3 Users, and Norton 360 V5.0 Premier Edition All-In-One Total Security 3 Users are available.

How useful it is for norton 360 5.0 to defense against the new v

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An authority report declares that there is a virus named Miga appeared on the internet firstly this August. According to Norton monitoring survey, this kind of virus spreads through the USB flash diskes, meanwhile, it will misrepresent the victim computersí homepage with another website page, which is http://h1.ripway.com/poojasharma/index.html. Luckily Norton 360 5.0 can intercept and stop, just purchase Norton 360 5.0 and then download it, there are Norton 360 5.0 3pc 2 years option and one year option. We suggest you use the USB flash disk after the Norton 360 5.0 is enabled. It is said that Miga is a typical infection virus, if any USB flash disk is infected, Miga will disguise to be one of the files in the disk, while stash the real one. When the users insert U disk with Miga, after double click the file, Miga will invade your computers, and infect plenty of exe files in your computers and change its property of limits of authority, sometimes it will stop the keyboard entry and imitate the keyboard entry key by itself, and recover the keyboared entry function then. All of these will be dangerous to your datum in the computers.
Actually it is not too difficult to defense against this kind of virus, as long as you install Norton 360 5.0 in your computer, then it will be ok to intercept it. So, as to the print shop, offices and suh kind of places where U diskes are widely used, make sure Norton 360 5.0 starts and upgrade regularly, and that will stop your computers from infecting viruses and so that protect U disk.
We should pay attention that Miga specially destroys one Vietnamese security software called Bkav, so its original edition probably inflowes from Vietnam, moreover, this kind of virus also can spread through local area network shared folders, and then dominate Googletalk and YahooMessenger to send viruses messages, it will draw attention from the users to click and then activate the virus.

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