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Friday 12 August, 2011

Norton 360 5.0 website filter informs you whether the link is sa

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The safety of the webpage is unknown before we open it, only after we open it, the antivirus can monitor the downloading† contents. Although nowadays, most of the security suppliers build up the fishing websites blacklist, and you will be informed if the link is safe by checking the websites and realm names on the link opening position. However, still there will be some users who canít help opening the high risk links for their strong curiousness.
Norton 360 has made lots of contributions on the technology development of this field, and the newly released Norton 360 5.0 has more unique functions, one of which is that it can tell the users which are absolutely safe, which are unknown, which are dangerous among all pages they are browsing, and all of these can be seen on the function homepage of Norton 360 5.0. It is enhanced with an advanced website filter function, and it can discern if the links are safe or not before they are opened. Just make a tick before check website, and then you can have this function without worrying about whether the links come with any viruses or Trojan. Almost all functions of Norton 360 5.0 can be customed, you can make a special security solution for yourself according to your own preferences. Meanwhile, you can personalize your setup as you like. Besides, as to your normally used secure websites, you can just eliminate the checking process directly. There will be a green colored icon after checking if the links are safe, if the links are unknown, a grey colored icon will be shown, the dangerous sign is a red icon. By the way, if you need to buy cheap Norton 360 5.0, please come to www.teezsoft.com. Norton 360 5.0 is so powerful, and there is no need to choose all functions for one time, so we suggest the users to select some as demanded, apart from reducing the occupied resources, it can also help to speed up the computers running.

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