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Wednesday 24 August, 2011

New viruses pretend to be players to infect 100.000 computers pe

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Recently, Norton360 security center found that the number of new viruses pretending to be players increases leaps and bounds, even amounts to 100.000 computers per day. The reason for this infection is that the users download it actively. Norton 360 experts advice the users to stop downloading when the antiviruses intercept risky files downloading..
Norton security center pointed out that these viruses pretending players actually have no functions of the player. For some net citizens are so eager to watch the videos that they even neglect the antiviruses’ warning. After they insist on opening this procedure,  the computers will be infected by the viruses naturally. The IE icon on the interface of the hacked computers will be changed. When you double click the IE icon, the users will be guided to some designated websites, and even some vedio webs will popup automatically sometimes.
After a further analysis on these viruses, the Norton 360 experts found that the viruses makers applied into a artful method to turn round the antiviruses defense. Therefore, when the viruses work, no antiviruses defense function will send out warning reminds, so the Norton 360 experts remind that once you find your computer brower homepage is distorted, meanwhile, some new icons appear on the desktop, and no antivirus softwares give an alarm, please use the Norton 360 5.0 for quick scanning first initiatively. It is more frequent for the viruses to break through the antiviruses defense nowadays, the viruses makers adopted various tricky ways to avoid the interceptions. The lastest found virus utilized IE starting-up to run automatically, because the procedure attached with signature will be dragged into the whitelist normally. Once it is put into the whitelist, the green lights will be ready for them all the way, for some antivirus softwares will not do a further research about the procedure any more, which leads to make it possible for the viruses to let in to infect the computers. The effective defense key point is to stop the dangerous procedure downloading timely, you can use Norton 360 5.0 to make it. It is a long journey to fight against the viruses infection. If you’d like to order Norton 360 5.0, you can come to www.teezsoft.com, and you can buy the discount Norton 360 version 5 here.

Super-virus intruding, Norton 360 announced antivirus specially.

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TDSS.TDL-4, well known for it hi-tech. and wide rage becomes the focus of the world recently. it is said that TDSS.TDL-4 rootkit technique is applied into this kind of virus, this technique is also called super online crimes technology, and it can make the viruses hide secretly and exempt the scanning unprecedentedly. It also breaks a record, that is to force Microsoft to develop an antivirus patch called KB2506014 to defend against TDL-4 specially. However, this patch is broken through by the virus maker on the following day.
Norton 360 experts said that this kind of virus would infect the hard disk drive MBR in the computers, and the formatting hard disk can not be deleted either. What is worse, this virus can make a false appearance showing that MBR works regularly. So that it will be difficult for the antivirus to find it out. It can affect Windows XP、Vista and Windows 7 systems, and cause large amount of damage. Norton staff analysised that there are three steps for it to attack the computers. The first step is to make use of loading false printer drive to get the supreme limits of authority, the second one is to infect MBR, make the virus assembly load into RAM to found rootkit drive, and realize the shelter effect and self-protection by this drive, and the last step is to connect the network to receive the instructions from the hackers, and deliver all kinds of Trojan and ads. procedures into the victim computers. You can download Norton 360 5.0 to prevent it. Please make sure it is running, even the users double click to starts the virus, the computers can avoid being infected. However, in order to plug in the computers games, some users will close the antiviruses, at this time, once this kind of virus is activated, the normally used antiviruses products can not delete it completely except the specially made Norton 360 5.0. The experts suggest the users to start the Norton 360 5.0 to scan and delete the virus on the conditions that the brower homepage is distorted and the icon can not be deleted. If you’d like to purchase Norton 360 5.0, you can come to www.teezsoft.com, and you will get the best price Norton 360 5.0 here.

Have an eye on network terrorism

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The death of Laden means a lot to the terrorism history, it is the very important milestone for the whole world to fight against terrorism, but that does not mean that we have been succeeded in this fight finally, nowadays, more and more terrorists begin to step into network to enlarge their virtual war territory. Actually it is not a predict, as far back as 2007, Estonia has suffered a online terrorism attack and caused serious disaster. Some net citizens thought that the hackers aimed at their political purpose, and it might not affect their daily life. However, the recent attackes on Sony and some other famous enterprises inform us that the online terrorism is not far away from our life any more. Norton 360 experts expressed that it is very necessary and vital for the whole world to coordinate with each other to defend against the online crimes and terrorism.
Recently there is a very famous computer game called the death of Laden, but when some players downloaded the map, they suffered the Trojan attack, and their information was stolen by Trojan. According to Norton 360 5.0 security statistics, Norton 360 5.0 intercepted this kind of Trojan more than 7000 times within one day, this is the third time for the hackers to attack the network, and Norton 360 experts estimated that the forth and fifth are to come soon. FBI warned the users not to open the eamil if they received any email attached with a photo or video with a Laten photograph,because it is probablley attached with a virus, this is the first attack. As the death of Laden becomes the hot topic of the whole world, Norton 360 5.0 has intercepted a lot of vicious links related to this topic, and these links tempted the users to click the malicious websites. After the vicious email and malicious links attacks, CS map attack comes on the stage, this kind of Trojans will often appear in the abnormal downloading, noted that it has been tested by the antivirus, and very safe. So that the users will relax their vigilance. Norton 360 experts advice the users to keep Norton 360 5.0 running when they play computer games, and if you’d like to buy Norton 360 5.0, you can come to www.teezsoft.com, and you will get very cheap Norton 360 5.0 here.

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