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Thursday 08 September, 2011

Norton Internet Security 2011: Multistage defense against visiti

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How do we protect ourselves if we run into some high risky websites? Norton Internet Security 2011 provide you some defense skills if you still insist on running a risk to visit the sites and the files.
Primary defense: consolidate system to strengthen the defense. We always mention high risky websites, but what is high risky sites? In normal cases, when we say high risky sites, it means that these sites are visited by viruses frequently, such as the portable application downloading sites, besides, seasonally Trojans hanged sites are also included. These high risky sites do harms in two aspects: one is to come across the page Trijans, and the other is to download the files which viuses are hidden in. page Trojans are activated through the system bugs and software bugs usually. If the users put a patch and plug the bug, even though he runs into any Trojan, it will be ok and no dangers. However, many citizens will pay more attention to the system patches, and ignore the system patches. Actually the number of Trojans spreaded through softwares has rapidly increased these years. At present, Adobe Reader, Flash Player and part of vedios players appeal to the Trojans greatly, so Norton Internet Security 2011 reminds the users to update the relevent patches of corresponding procedures.

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Vantage defense: comprehensive defense without any blind sides. Primary defense is not enough in some conditions, because bugs always come first, and then patches, that is to say, the patch has a nature of hysteresis. Besides, the security auxiliary tools can not always intercept the newest powerful page Trojans, then how to deal with it? If fact, many security master-hand visit the high risky sites through sandboxie software, which provides a virtual safe space, and it will not affect the real system safety. After installation, click the software icon on the right bottom of the desktop, and choose Defaultbox and run webpage browers successively. Download files from the high risky websites and run it in the sandboxie, there is another methos actually. That is upload it to www.virscan.org, check if it is attached with viruses.
Advanced defense: turn the tables on the attackers and delete the viruses. You can copy with most threatens by using the previous methods mentioned above, but some files are used frequently, and it is too troublesome to use sandboxie every time, and now Norton Internet Security 2011 provides you with another easy method, just peel the viruses off from the procedures by using security tools, and you can download it from http://www.teezsoft.com. And you will purchase best price Norton Internet Security 2011 here.

Norton Internet Security 2011: ensure the perfect protection for

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As far as I am concerned, security software should keep it simple, just like the full-automatic washing machine, without any intervene. Norton Internet Security 2011 is the very one, it provides perfect protection for the computers in a very simple way. I am attracted by its unique and convenient techniques equipped.
What is the worst situation for our computers? The amswer is that we even can not log into the system. Actually some naked computers and the ones installed with bad performance antiviruses will come across such serious condition. The only solution is to reset the system and loss the files. But now we are lucky to say that this problem is overcome by Norton Internet Security 2011, its installation disk can be used as emergency disk, just allocate BIOS from CD/DVD driver to start the computers, and insert the CD into driver. It can recover the infected operation system on the condition that the system can not be logged in or the antiviruses can not work.. we are impressive by its profession, fast speed and safety. The perfect protection and convenient and fast operation is a must for the online shoppers and online games players undoubtedly. Its safety fortress is divided into three parts: safety desktop, safety browser and safety keyboard. The safety desktop is designed especially as a virtual environment for the suspicious procedures running and webpage visiting. It will not affect the real data of the computers and cause any damage either. Meanwhile, the safety browser and safety keyboard are coordinated to ensure the safety of ebank and online games. When the safety browser works, all records (saved cookies, website blog and etc.) will be separated into the virtul environment, and will not occur in the real operation system, so that the hackers will not have the opportunities to steal any information. The safety keyboard can prevent the malicious software from screen shotting effectively, and wipe out the threatens in the bud.
Online defrauds are the new tread in the current online cirmes cases, and it is different from the malicious softwares. There are so many various means, and it is hardly to defend all of them effectively, however,

Norton Internet Security 2011 at Teezsoft

works, its pre-protection and advanced management share out the work and coordinate with each other so as to wipe out the defraus completely. The users can set password for some privacy such as the family address, ebank account and so on and so forth, then it will be much safer for your children to surf online. If you’d like to order key for norton internet security 2011, you can come to http://www.teezsoft.com for best buy.

2011 Norton Internet Security: Optimization strategy speeds up t

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What should we do if the computers work slowly? Slow start-up, too many loading items and slow running. Too many disk chips, historical records chaos, and excessive registry key assignments and all of these affect the system running efficiency greatly and make the users annoyed most. Symantec provides 2011 Norton Internet Security with its system optimization function about this problem, and it can speeds up the system running instantly.
We may always complain that the computer starts very slowly, and that is because we have installed too many softwares in our computers, most of them are included in the startup items, as a reslut, the increasing startup items slow down its starting speed. Considering the users’ requirement, Norton Internet Security 2011 provides speed-up startup function, download Norton Internet Security 2011 and run Norton Internet Security 2011, switch to system optimization module, and you will get the corresponding functions. The users can manage the operation startup items, service items and scheduled task items according to this module. The users can choose the startup items and remove the unnecessary items according to their own demands.

Norton Internet Security 2011 at Teezsoft

will help to clear out the computers rubbish periodically so as to spped up its running, and actually we should maintain this good habit in our daily life. Norton Internet Security 2011 provides us the clearance function of the temporary catalogue and blog files of Windows operation system. One day, someone told you that he knew what you did yesterday. How will you response? Maybe surprised, or terrified. In fact, it is very possible. Because the operation system, browser and office will leave marks during the operation process, especially in the public computers, its historical useage can be easily obtained. Meanwhile, because of excessive historical records, it will also slow down the running speed. So Norton Internet Security 2011 will help us to make the clearance effectively. You can delete the marks of webpage visiting and historical records of operation system, check mark as you customed required. It can speed up the computer running speed, and avoid the disclose of privacy effectively as well.
There is another function equipped in the system optimization module of Norton Internet Security 2011, it can also optimize the registry key assignments. When we install some programs, it will record its registry key assignments, but after we uminstall them, registry key assignments will be left, as time goes on, it will occupies a lot of space and resources, which will also affect the running speed. With 2011 Norton Internet Security help, you can solve the problem easily. If you’d like to buy 2011 Norton Internet Security, you can come to http://www.teezsoft.com for much more best price Norton products.

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