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Tuesday 27 September, 2011

Symantec Norton 360 released BMW VIRUS technical analysis report

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BMW is the lastest high risky VIRUS detected by Symantec Norton 360 version 5.0, and this kind of virus can infect BIOS, MBR and Windows system one by one, no matter you reinstall your systerm, or format the Hard Disk Drive, or even replace the HDD, the virus can never be removed completely. It is spreaded through computer games plug-in, it will initiate attacks after tempting the players to turn off the antivirus.
Once the computer is hacked by this kind of virus, it will turn on the following phenomenons, first, before Windows system starts, on the screen displays the words like Find it OK!, second, the antivirus will pompt often to inform that there is virus in MBR, but can not deleted it completely, thid, the homepage of the browser will be changed to http://10554.new93.com/index.htm.
Therefore, Symantec Norton 360 provide you some solutions to this problem,

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and keep it running, it is ablle to defend against BMW virus, so as to avoid the infection of BOIS and MBR. If your computer was infected because the antivirus was closed, it is highly recommended to install Norton 360 version 5.0, which can detect it out and prevent from BIOS virus code scrubbing.
Its technical analysis report contains three parts, BIOS, MBR and Windows, if Windows has been infected, "Find it OK!" will be displayed on the screen, and the original MBR will be called in. Let’s take Winlogon.exe for example for further illustration, because the virus has changed its entry point, before the file is processed, the encypt virus code will be processed first with dynamic decoding. After the decoding, the specified file will be loaded, and creat the virus with CreateThread. It will sleep 10 sec. In the virus trend, and invoke URLDownloadToFile from a hacker server for a local downloader. It will download various malicious procedures and even drive. So if you’d like to purchase Norton 360 5.0, you can come to http://www.teezsoft.com for cheap Norton key.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 :Trojan disguised to be

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Another new Trojan disguised to be CTFMON to steal the private information was discovered recently. Some hackers use this program to infect the operation system so as to start the backdoor function, which leads to destroy the security of operation system and influence its normal working conditions so that they can steal the personal information. You can

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to keep safe.
It is similar to another one which disguised to be IE browser before. Both of them choose to disguise themselves to be computer function icons, and tempt the users to fall in the traps set by them. The differences lie in that the newer aims to steal the privacy, while the older one meant to publicize the websites with viruses. What’s more, the CTFMON virus is more serious. Once it works in the computers, it will release many programs with viruses under operation system disk, and then add them to operation service, and start running finally. It can add a large number of spam data at the end dynamic link base files so as to avoid the scanning of antiviruses, that is to say, it is euipped with self-protection to some extent.
Kaspersky Security experts mentioned that this kind of virus can disguise itself to be default imput method and start automatically. Besides, it will also occupy a great deal space of HDD, which cause slow running of the operation system. The backdoor function makes it possible to threaten users personal information for the hackers through stealing confidential information, monitoring the users’ operation record, downloading and operating malicious files and long distance control. Considering all these risks, Kaspersky appeal to the whole net citizens to keep alert, scan and kill the viruses periodically and upgrade the antivirus timely. If you’d like to buy cheap Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, you can come to http://www.teezsoft.com for downloading discount Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky PURE. Ultimate PC Security.

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