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Wednesday 28 September, 2011

Symantec Norton 360 remind you to pay more attention to the foll

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We may complain that why our computers are still hacked by Trojan and other viruses even the antivirus product is installed. Actually it is not very difficult to make an explaination to this phenomenon. Just like your house can not be 100% ensured to be saft even it is locked well. Because of lack of necessary computer security knowledge, there are many safety misunderstandings among the computer users. Based on this situation, Symantec Norton have pointed out some common misunderstandings for your reference.
No. 1, it is very safe to use local area network. It shares the internet resources through deputy, and does not explose itself in the network. We may think that it is hidden in the deputy server, so the attacks will go for the server, and will not affect the local net computers. In fact, after hidding in the deputy server, which provide some protection to some extent, but when you browse some malicious websites or download the files with viruses, it will not be interfered by the server, that is to say, your computer will be exposed at that time.
No. 2, it is safe to surf online by dial-up without fixed IP. Many of us choose to dial-up for surfing online, and IP address will be different each time we dial-up. Meanwhile, the links are set through IP in intert, so, that is to say, the hackers will not find us without fixed IP,  and our computers will be safe in such condition. In fact, it  does not mean that your IP is changing all the time if you choose to dial-up, each time before you disconnect it, IP is the same, if they get your IP at this time, and your computer has not

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for protection, it is easy for the hackers to initiate attckings. And once the Rebound type Trojan is embedded into the computers, no matter how changeable your IP address will be, they will send all of these information to hackers automatically, and even build up connection with the hacker actively.
No. 3, it is safe once the antivirus is installed. It is undoubtedly that the antivirus is able to protect your computers, especially the products such like Norton 360 Version 5.0 All-In-One Total Security , Norton Internet Security 2012, Norton Antivirus 2012 and so on, we need to upgrade it timely, because the virus is upgrading all the same.
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Symantec Norton 360 remind you to pay more attention to the foll

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We go head with the common misunderstandings below now. we should emphasis that except for

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for protection, you ought to have an idea of the following points.
No. 4, never mind being attacked, because there is no important information in the computers. Some may say they just use the computers to play some online games, and do not do important tasks in it, so there will be no damage even if the computer is hacked. However, even though there is no important content in your computers, but once it is hacked, it’s running will get slow, and sometimes you will have to reinstall the systems, and even possible to make your hard disk be destroyed by CIH. Are you sure you will still be never mind at that time? What’s more, without necessary protection, your computer is probably to be controlled by others and utilized to attack other computers, are you sure you’d like to be hackers’ assistant?
No. 5, it will be safe atch putting patches. Actually, it takes some periods to modify the bugs once it is discovered, during this period, it can used by hackers to initiate the attacks, it is not ensured that other potential bugs will not be utilized by some malicious purposes.
No. 6, it will be safe once the online safety detection is equipped. The online safety detection mainly aims to check the safety of the webpages. If you use the local area network, the webpage check is involved mostly, instead of the computer itsely.
No. 7, we will be far away from virus if no floppy disk is used. When IT has not developed well, and the it is stll on the early developing stage, maybe it works. However, nowaday, in our highly developed surroundings, it is not the most widly used virus spreading way any more.
No. 8, make a set up to important files by read ony. We may think that it is because the file is modified so that the virus is infected, if the files are set by read only. But, imagine that since you can set up the property, why not for the hackers? They are also able to change property. Moreover, if delete or formt is operated, the file property will never be taken into consideration.
In a word, we can never ignore the security of our computers, , if you’d like to buy discount security products, such like Norton 360 Version 5.0 All-In-One Total Security , Norton Internet Security 2012, Norton Antivirus 2012 and so on you can come to http://www.teezsoft.com. You will get a easy downloading and fast installation here.

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