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Sunday 13 November, 2011

Kaspersky defends against the hacking attacks with its unique de

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Kaspersky research center reported that some unique designs are adopted to defend against the hacking attacks this September, among them, the number if the attacks aiming at the large scale organizations increased a lot, and at the preliminary stage of theses attackes, emails are always used to spread these vicious programs.

It is reported that there are two companies involved in such kind of attacking in Sept., Trend Micro staff found the attackers called Lurid, they captured some datum among some servers, which control more than 1500 infected computers, and these computers mainly locate in Russia and other east European countries. According to the survey from Russian victims, we know that it is a purposely attack, and its target is the science research institutes, business organizations, government departments and media enterprises, including aerospace industry organizations. The hackers send the malicious programs to the related staff via emails so as to obtain the data from them. Kaspersky thus released Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 to protect your computers, and you can

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at a low price. There is another serious safety issue happened in this month in Japan, it is reported that over 80 PC of Mitsubishi that used for production of submarine, rocket equipments and nuclear industry products have been infected, so far we still have no idea what information has been stolen from this hacking, but it is undoubtedly that there are some confidential documents and files. Kaspersky experts mentioned that it is a premeditated and purposely action, the hacking means is not novel, some Mitsubishi staff received some email with attached PDF files at early days, which contains malicious programs and utilize the bug in Adobe Reader. Once the file is open, some vicious component elements will be installed and it will make it access to the long distance control from the hackers, who can invade into the company network resources through these infected computers and collect the vital information from it. So it is very necessary for you to install Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 for your computers, if you would like to purchase cheap Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, you can come to http://www.teezsoft.com for discount product key.

Norton 360 remind you keep away from the new ads Trojan varietas

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Recently, the new ads Trojan varietas called Trojan_Startpage AQLK was discovered in the nationlal network investigation. AQLK distorts the IE configuration information recklessly and leads to the designated Web ads pages preset by Trojan, and this malicious action undoubtedly will bring safety problems online. Symantec thus released Norton 360 version 5.0 to protect your computers.
It is said that before this Trojan_Startpage AQLK varied, there will be two same IE browsers on the users’ computer desktop, and one of them is ads Trojan, because Trojan modified the PC users registry and intercept the icon, once you click this icon and you will enter the intercepted webpage so that the visit to this ads webpage will increasely a lot as expected. Norton 360 expers also mentioned that this new ads Trojan is able to check if there is another browers installed in the operation system, apart from the modification of the IE configuration, if any other brower is found, it will start its vicious code programmed command and find the related configuration information, then change its default homepage into designated Web page links, once the icon was modified, the regular solution will not work. You can

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to scan and kill it. There are some other Norton products available.
Symantec researchers pointed out that the purpose of this Trojan is mainly to obtain profits, however, some malicious code was contained in some other ads Trojans, once they run in the computers, it will cause great damage, especially to the private information, such like the ebank information and other important account, so it is advised to install the antiviruses first to protect your online safety, if you’d like to purchase Norton 360 Version 5.0 All-In-One Total Security 3 Users, you can come to  http://www.teezsoft.com for cheap product key.

Norton Internet Security 2012 holds up the fake brand official s

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It is reported that more and more fake brand official websites were disclosed in recent days. In order to gain great probits, some people just used the big brand to sell fake goods online. Considering the constant and abundant fake brand websites update,  Norton Internet Security 2012 is equipped with cloud joint technique, it has intercepted thousands of fake brand sites every week, and the intercepted PV even amounts to 1,300,000.
Norton experts mentioned that most of these fake sites promote through search and online ads. The health care products, medical equipments and digit & appliances sites are the top three. Many buyers search information about some products online, the search results will show a large number of similar description goods, and it is probably that we may purchased the fake goods, what’s worse, our ebank acount may suffer dangers because of its potential risks. In order to protect our online safety, the antiviruses is necessary and essential, you can

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at a very low price.
According to Norton survey, most servers of the fake brand sites locate in foreign coutries, so that they can escape the supervision, as a result, it will be very difficult for the buyers to guard their rights if any complaints occur. However, after you install Norton Internet Security 2012 successfully, you can report it to Norton, and just click the red and green lights button, it can protect your computers, and also other Norton Internet Security 2012 users can have a glimps of the reports, so that all users can enjoy the sharing information, it will be more effective to ensure our safety online. The lastest report shows that Norton intercepts more than 20,000,000 page view to the fake brand websites each week, if you’d like to buy cheap Norton Internet Security 2012, you can come to  http://www.teezsoft.com for discount product key.

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