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Friday 19 August, 2011

A letter from the bank? Norton 360 5.0 disclosed the fish

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One of my netfriends said that he received a letter the other day, and the emial and the attached files are likely sent from the bank, which informed him that his credit card is expired for one week, and he will be charged USD 25.00 as the overdue fine and service fee.
After I have reported this case to Norton 360, their experts made a research, and they found that the attached file is a new virus finally. Soon Norton 360 went for an urgent solution to scan and kill this kind of virus attached mails.
Norton 360 5.0 experts explained that some hackers would send such kind of emails to the net citizens in the name of the bank to remind you that there was something wrong with your bank account, please log in the following website and change your pass word. Actually it is the hackerís website instead, so that they can steal your bank information.
This bank letter is just one example, it is possible that the users will be curious about it, and then unfold the email, so that the virus will be embedded by this way, as a result, the hackers can steal your bank account and confidential information and so on by the long-distance control. Norton 360 experts pointed out that the scam cases related to the bank and stocks increase obviously recently, various kinds of viruses get into the computers by all kinds of means, which affect the computers running seriously, so the computers users have to pay more attention about it, and Norton 360 5.0 is able to defense against it, if youíd like to buy cheap Norton 360 5.0, you can come to for best price.
At last, because of its frequent occurence, Norton 360 experts warned the users to consult from the bank customer services directly once abnormal resonse received when you withdraw or transfer money or do other bank transactions online, so that you can avoid to be cheated and suffer loss. Once the virus is detected, you can report to Norton directly through support line or customer service phone, they will be backlisted and force-out at once. Whatís more, keep in mind that upgrade the Norton 360 products regularly, start its supervise function, and scan the viruses completely and throughly. †

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