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Monday 22 August, 2011

A new bug was found in flash by Adobe, and Norton 360 5.0 interc

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While Microsoft launched its August patchy on August 10th, Adobe also announced the safety report at the same day, waning that there is a new high-risky bug in the Adobe flash player. Norton 360 5.0 intercepted the first attack in the hacked page.
After making a checking, this flash media bug was intercepted automatically by Norton 360 this morning, and this is also the first published example that is hacked by this new type flash bug in the world. Adobe announced that they had not found out the attacks aimed at this upgrade flash bug not long before. Now, Norton has presented the attacking sample to Adobe.
According to Norton security center analysis, flash media bug affect the versions lower than Adobe Flash Player the hackers made use of the flash media paly function to play a vicious Mp4 file to activate the bug, if you browse this URL injection website, and your computer will download and start this Trojan automatically, this bug will affect IE and Firefox and such kind of browers’ running.
Because the flash palyer is highly popularized, and it is widely used in online vedios, computer games and so on and so forth. As Norton 360 estimated, the serious consequences caused by flash bug is higher then Microsoft bugs from this year. At present, almost 80% of the URL injection websites are sending attacks through flash bugs. As the newly increasing bugs discovered, and this data will increase correspondingly.
For Norton 360 5.0 can intercept this kind of virus, so Norton experts remind the users to start the antivirus product to protect your computers from being infected when surfing online. Meanwhile, Norton 360 also propels flash upgrade version to avoid the damage comprehensively. By the way, if you’d like to purchase best price Norton 360 5.0 , you can come to

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