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Wednesday 31 August, 2011

Norton 360 5.0 alert the online shoppers to have an eye on Choco

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While you are expecting to have a honey Valentine’s day, the hackers are also planing to utilize this chance to set some “sweety” traps so as to get money. Norton 360 security center reported that the number of the fishing websites related to the online shopping has increased obviously recently, among all these fishing webs, the webs that selling chocolate phonily occuply the most. Once the shoppers log in these websites, they will probably suffer loss and torture. Norton 360 5.0 is launched to intercept this Valentine’s virus so as to provide the protections for the users.
Such delicated box of chocolate only costs $8.00, isn’t it beckoning? Once you browse these websites and would like to see more information about the goods you are satisfied, the seller will send you a wrapped package of the products, then after you receive it, and unwrap it, the procedure pointed out that it does not work. At this time, you will certainly ask the seller for help, and they will explain there may be something wrong with the package, and they will send you once again, and it works at this tine, soon you will decide to purchase it, and the payment seems to go smoothly by paypal, but you will puzzled why it is not transferred into the paypal account, you don’t know where the payment goes to?

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experts pointed out that it is one of the typical Trojan online shopping. During the whole transaction, the buyer start the Trojan files, and the Trojan will make a false transaction bill secretly, and it will be submitted before the real bill. The buyer will not be able to see the distorted information, and the money will be paid to the criminal’s account. It is reported that the online shopping Trojan is one kind of new viruses popularized in recent years, it is featured with widely spread and high technology and high success rate. It will more and more online shopping gradually. Norton 360 experts suggest the users to pay attention to the files if the sellers want to send you any. If they belong to exe, pif, scr and such kind of executable program, drag them into the blacklist at once. Moreover, before you click to confirm the payment, make sure to double check the receiver account, if it is not the one you are familiar with, just cancell it. Meanwhile, during the transaction progress, if Norton 360 version 5 pop up to give an alarm, please stop the deal at once. You can

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