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Tuesday 09 August, 2011

Norton 360 5.0 Assessment Ⅱ

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We always saw people ask for help online and complained that the essential documents were deleted wrongly or the information was lost completely because of the destroyed rigid disk, and so on and so forth. Some information is invaluable for us, so we have to form a habit of backuping so as to avoid the information lost as possible as we can. The best solution is to backup the important profiles into another storage periodically, but actually lots of users failed to do this. There are various kinds of backup softwares on the market, good or bad. In fact, the information that need backup usually belongs to the secure ones, so you may worry about if it is safe when you download one casually online to backup your documents. Now Norton 360 5.0 provide you a more professional backup function, especially with a 2G encrypted storage space, so that you can backup the important documents and do not need to worry about their reveal and loss online. If Norton 360 5.0 is not installed in your computers, you can browse and webpages abd download your own backups documents, and you can also send some appointed documents to the appointed users by emails.
What’s more, if we’d like to know if our computers’ running is safe or not, is there any other ways, besides viruses scanning? The answer is that Norton 360 5.0 provide a credit scanning function now, which provides the credible information as to its running process, including its credible level, exist period, range of application, detected date and so on, and it presents a pie chart showing the proportions of all kinds of trustable files and documents, and a bar graph showing the proportions of existing period and range of application. The users can screen out the suspicious documents according to the reports. Like the viruses scanning tool, the credit scanning function also provide high-speed scanning, comprehensive scanning, and the user-defined scanning these three scanning types.

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