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Thursday 25 August, 2011

Norton 360 5.0 provide you a more considerate protection when yo

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More and more people choose to stay at home to surf online to enjoy their free time. Watching movies online becomes new fashion trend. At the same time, a large number of pirate websites, false webs and virus players have emerged, which cause great hidden safety dangers. Norton 360 5.0 provide you a more considerate protection when you watch movies online. You can get Norton 360 trial 90 days first for free to experience. Then if you think it is indeed good product, you can pay for Norton 360 key to get norton 360 3 user protection.
Norton 360 5.0 engineers introduced that 65% videos webs with viruses do not offer videos broadcasting function actually, they are false video webs thoroughly, its only purpose is to cheat net citizens to click so as to spread the viruses. Once the users were tempted to click the link unfortunately, they will not be aboe to enjoy the videos, what’s worse, their computers will be infected by the attached viruses at the same time. Symantec Norton 360 5.0 can intercept this kind of false webs and persuade the users to give up browsing these false virus websites. Although some pirate vidoe webs have some hot films sources, but during the watching, the web will remind the users to download some designated players, and this so-called designated players is usually combined with some viruses, once these virus players are discovered, Norton 360 5.0 will advise to stop downloading.
However, suppose some people can not help watching these movies, it is reported that more than 50% users will neglect the antiviruses’ warning and continue to download the players with viruses, some even quit the antivirus working, and then their computers will be hacked seriously at last. So Norton 360 5.0 add new functions and can remind the users to remove the viruses at once once they are discovered when players downloading. If the users insist on watching the videos, they can choose safety enjoying option, and then press cofirmation button. It is a virtual independent space, the installation and operation of the players are all controlled into this space, even the palyers are attached with viruses, they will not be able to infect the real systems. After downloading the players, and you can enjoy it. During this period, all vandalism actions will be imprisoned into this independent space, once you finish it, just press exit button, and Norton 360 will remind you that the viruses have been deleted completely.

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