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Tuesday 16 August, 2011

Norton 360 5.0 segregation function

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Nowadays, there is a software called compel vedio which is widely spreaded online, and it said that as long as you got othersí IP, you will display othersí vedios without permission.
However, according to Norton secure center analysis report, this software dosenít have such function of compel vedio, besides, your own computer will be controlled by Trojan after theis software runs. Therefore, Norton 360 experts warn that the net users should not trust such kind of softwares, once you come across it, you can buy Norton 360 5.0 to intercept it and it is the very antivirus you need at this time.
At present, the online search engine results show that there is 1,670,000,000 compel videos softwares, and most of their links lead to Trojan server directly. Norton 360 secure center announced that the recent epidemic compel video software is actually a long-range control Trojan, after it works, it will delete the original documents, and then insert another one in your computers secretly, so that the hackers can control the victimsí computers anywhere and anytime.
In order to use this compel video softwares, some users ont only didnít search and kill the viruses when Norton 360 sent out a warning, but they even shut the antiviruses at this time, which can only turn out to be very serious consequences if doing so. It is probably that your files and information in computers will be stolen by the hackers, and even your camera will be controlled by the hackers, said the Norton experts.
In order to solve this problem, new Norton 360 5.0 is equipped with new function of segregation box, which can provide the users with a segregated safe environment when they run a risk to open a dangerous procedure, and prevent their computers from being infected by the viruses when they run.

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