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Friday 09 September, 2011

Norton Internet Security 2011: Analysis on the attacking princip

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Symantec Norton reported that a new type had received much concern recently, it does not steal your account, and it will not distort the homepage either, but it makes you annoyed most. what happened? As we know, for the ordinary Trojans, they do harms through long distance control so as to steal our personal privacy. But this new type Trojan which is called Trojan/Agent will control your computer to initiate DDos attacks once your computer is infected by it. DDos is the abbreviation of Distributed Denial of service, that is to say, a large number of computers will email some wast packet to the designated target, such like server, website or individual computers so as to make it paralyzed. Ddos attacks can cause great damage, how can we defend against it? Symantec Norton Internet Security experts suggest that the users should check the computers periodically, detect and remove the potential security bugs and equip the server with fire wall so as to defend against the Ddos attacks. Setting up the router and limiting the flow of SYN/ICMP packet can also reduce the damages caused by the Ddos attacks. Moreover, find out the attacking IP address through Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding and shield the IP address.
Trojan/Agent is mainly spreaded through Malicious URL injection, once it accesses to the computer, it will release .bat script file, and copy itself to C:Windowssystem32 and name itself to be yxdwl.exe, then the Trojan can start up automatically as the systems launch. In order to avoid the scanning of the antiviruses, Trojan/Agent inserts the junk code at the entrance of the programs, and encrypt through EBX, and it will be very difficult to detect it out after that. In order to prevent the users from finding any evidence, it will disguise itself into a system course. After finishing all these actions, Trojan/Agent will connect rj55.33**.org by long distance control, and download viruses and a packet with an IP address, and the the Trojan will send this ping packet to this IP constantly, and initiate Denial of service attacks. IP addresses are not fixed, so the hacker can change it anytime. If your system runs slowly and the online spped get slower gradually, it is possible that your computer is hacked by this kind of Trojan, you can

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