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Wednesday 31 August, 2011

Online shopping is threatened by growing crisis, and Norton 360

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As the popularization of the online websites and payment tool and the change of the consuming concept, more and more people prefer to do online shopping nowadays. Online shopping is very convenient undoubtedly, and you do not need to walk under the torturing sunshine door by door to buy something, just stay at home and click your mouse and make a choice from the abundant webpages. However, online shopping is threatened by growing crisis, there are so many traps set by the fishing webs and Trojan online shopping webs, Norton 360 5.0 provide escort for you. Start your general Norton 360, and it can filter the Trojan page and intercept the fishing websites effectively.
When Norton 360 runs, shift to online security protection tag page, start the webpage virus filter, and it will filter the Trojan viruses, start the fishing websites brainpower intercept, which can intercept the fake shopping, fake win in a lottery, false bank websites so as to avoid be cheated when do shopping online, when you start the download protection, it will prevent the files downloaded from the networks from being infected by the viruses. Once you

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online security protection, it will protect your computers day and night whenever you do shopping online, do payment online. If you browse the fishing webs or look at a Trojan web, Norton 360 will popup a window to send an alarm and stop its access automatically. if you download the files from the networks which are attached with viruses, Norton will also popup a window to warn the users so as to avoid its access into the systems to steal the account information and cause loss.
Nowadays, there are mainly three kinds of online shopping threatens, fishing websites which tempt the users to click, online shopping Trojans that rob the users of transaction, and account stolen Trojans. Compared with the fishing websites, online shopping Trojans is much more convert, it is difficult to detect and find it out. Once the computer is infected, it is probably to bring about harmful consequences. So it is necessary and urgent to have an antivirus to make sure your computer safe. If you need a Norton 360 5.0 download, you can come to, and you will have

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