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Friday 02 September, 2011

Symantec Norton 360 decipher the phishing sites and tell you how

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When we know little about each other, we are both safe to some extent. However, as the online economic development, we can get much more information even beyond our imagination, it is said that no one knows you were a dog on the internet. Nowadays, more and more criminals put their eyes on the online crimes. They have played so many tricks what we called online phishing and it is difficult for us to defend effectively all the time.
As the professional security products supplier, Symantec Norton 360 is dedicated to fighting against the various viruses these years, and they are experienced in detecting the viruses, and they have released a report which tell us how to decipher the viruses and how to be far away from the online cheats. I will explain some methods one by one for you as follows.
First, email phishing, send false emails in the name of baks, e-payment systerm, email serve suppplier, social sites and online games institutions and so on. Their purpose is to obtain the usersí account information. Once they have the confidential data, they will log in the ebank, and steal the money in the account. Usually this kind of emails seem very similar to the real one, and it will remind the receiver to click the link mentioned in the email, and then visit it, and key personal information, which will be sent to the online criminals, whatís worse, some of this websites contain bugs that will make full of the procedures, even you do not key your personal information, and you just click it out of curiosity, it still can install spy softwares in the victim computers for stolen. How to detect it? If you receive an email from some banks, e-payment systems, or something that you have not been served, then just delete it at once, and it is probably a junk email that means to cheat you. If you are served in these places actually, you ought to read it carefully, when you are asked to key into your own personal confidential information, then it must be a phishing, delete it, because legitimate companies will not ask you to do such thing, moreover, you should pay more attention about the attached files, in fact, most of the emails themselves are free from viruses, but the attached file is probably the malicious phishing. You can

download Norton 360 5.0 at Teezsoft

for scanning and killing.
Second, social network phishing, more and more people have Facebook, Twitter accounts nowadays, and sometimes we may receive fake mails which intend to get our personal information and get its access, some emails also include links, and at this time, you need to be more careful, because these links are possible not to guide you to the official sites but the fake one. For example, the link is, but the true one should be

Choose Norton 360 5.0 for protection.

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