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Monday 05 September, 2011

Symantec Norton 360 decipher the phishing sites and tell you how

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Now we come to the third, online games phishing, the hackers will make full use of every chances if possible, and the popular online games among the youth naturally is of no exception. More and more online games cheating cases and it tuns on standardization trend, that is to tempt the players to the fake sites. We must keep in mind that emails from the authoritative department will never ask the users to input username and password. Besides the fake websites, the criminals will also play other tricks, for instance, to invite the players to take part in a new games beta test, or obtain gifts by clicking the designated links, and once the users click the link, they will be leaded to some designated sites, the hackers just use this method to steal personal information, sometimes it will also be leaded to the hacked sites, and the result is to force to download and install several malicious softwares.
There are also some other traditional frauds, an old saying goes that knowledge is power, it is very useful in applying in computers protection. We need to grasp the knowledge about how can the hackers make it and what is their trick?the widely used ticks are classified into the following aspects: one is fake win in lottery prompt, and Nigeria defraud emails, and pyramid selling and rapid making profits, and online begging, and junk email defraud message prompt. We should pay attention to all these mentioned. Norton 360 experts also provide very pertinent suggestions to this report. These are: 1) equip your computers with antiviruses, if you’d like to

download Norton 360 5.0 at Teezsoft

, please visit, and you can buy best price Norton here. 2)download and install systems periodically and update the softwares. 3) do not publish your personal information in public resources if you do not want to let others know. 4) do not download any file from the unknown websites. 5) pay special attention to the links in the unnamed emails, and do not click it if you are not sure. 6) if you do not trust the sender, do not open the email. 7) do not try to “unsubscribe” the junk emails. 8) do not trust the tempting investment advice, especially the promise of earning money quickly. Norton360 5.0 2011 may be useful for you.

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