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Monday 08 August, 2011

The safest and easiest Security defense Norton 360 5.0

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The latest index of network crimes report released on March 9th, 2011 by Norton verifies that there are so many networks crimes occur every day all over the world, and the number is still on a rapid increase trend. For its serious potential damage, Norton issued a warning to computer users. Last year, Symantec discovered more than 286,000,000 different threatens, which means 9 cases per sec., personal computers, public and government departments computers are all its’ attack targets. Considering its seroius expansion, personal pc users are eager to have a powerful and comprehensive technology to protect their identity information and important documents so as to ensure its safety when surfing or doing business online.
In order to provide the customers with prompt protection, Symantec pushed out the newest version Norton 360 5.0, and it is the quickest and effective security set so far in this industry. The experience confirms that Norton 360 shows its excellent performance both in its protection and function as well. SEE PACKAGE PHOTOS FOR NORTON 360 5.0
Janice Chaffin, president of Symantec personal users business division expresses that because of the networks crimes has penetrated all aspects of our daily digital life, then we need an unprecedented defense ability to make it safe. Considering all urgent demands and necessarity above, Norton 360 5.0 was designed to provide users with unify external members to protect the computers to the full extent, and at the same time, not to influence its running speed. According to Passmark evaluating, the performance of Norton 360 5.0 gets 37% higher than competitive products’ average scores. And its scanning speed will be 45% quicker than the competitive products’ average data, meanwhile, its installation needs the shortest time, only 49 seconds is enough, so it is the fastest one to install among all the competitive products.

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